"What's in the water in Australia, koalas? Fosters? I don't know, but I know that they, year by year, produce a few rock stars that just defy labels. Teeth and Tongue fits that category. A sincere, rocking, earnest weirdo of the sort only Australia could create, her music's what Cat-Power-circa-now would make if she legitimately wanted to punch the world in the face." -USA TODAY



"Catchy guitar riffs, pervasive drums, and echoey vocals, it’s a little Le Tigre, a little B-52s (with a dash of Go-Gos) but, more importantly, it’s a whole lot of fun." - Entertainment Weekly US

"A new artist you need to know" - Rolling Stone US

"Like Radiohead, under-rate Teeth & Tongue albums at your peril." - Herald Sun, ★★★★

"Glacial keys and cracking drums that rise from echoing blank space like the best '80s synth-pop." - The Age, ★★★★

"A masterclass in synth-laden rock...One of the most compelling albums of the year." Beat Magazine Album of the Week, ★★★★.5

Sydney Morning Herald, ★★★★ 

"Totally upped the ante as far as bombastic, memorable 1980s nuances go."  -The Music, ★★★★

"Give Up On Your Health broadens its sound with room-filling synths, percolating rhythms and gorgeously unfurling guitar lines." -Rolling Stone Aus, ★★★★ 

 "A compilation of synth-drenched ballads and catchy hooks, Teeth & Tongue's latest LP explores the way that uncertainty, human closeness, and risk can shape a person." -Lenny Letter USA


“Idiosyncratic, eclectic and potent, Grids deserves to stand as one of the best Australian releases this year.” —The Weekly Review

“A modern pop masterwork” (Four Stars) —Stack Magazine

“(Grids) offers another impressive collection of richly imaginative, atmospheric and memorable songs.” (Album of the Week) 3RRRfm

From the very first breathy pout on Good Man, Cornelius captivates…it’s the perfect first page to an incredible story.“ (Four stars) —The Music

“Grids is a stunning album. And hard to place.“ —The Vine

“From enchanting ballads to beat-heavy pop packages, this record is a captivating listen full of surprises.” (Feature Album) Double J

“(Grids) finds Cornelius in exquisite form, delivering dramatic vocals and gorgeous harmonies, zigzagging against moody synths, fuzzy guitar and purposeful throbs of electro beats.” —MX Magazine

“The best Teeth & Tongue recording from Jess Cornelius… sounding assured, playful and ready to take on the world.” (Album of the Week) —Beat Magazine

“Something wonderful happens near the end of the third album from Jess Cornelius: The Party Is You cradles you up and takes you to the after party…Like all the great songs, it seems like it's been around forever.” (Four stars) —Hit Herald Sun

"Talk about drawing us in. That overcast voice, that metamorphosing guitar, that ticking drum machine: Teeth & Tongue’s magnetic new single ‘The Party Is You’ picks right up from the atmospheric details of last year’s Tambourine." -Mess N Noise



Mess + Noise : "Jess Cornelius is in stunning form on her new single as Teeth & Tongue, surrounding herself with her own ghostly harmonies over a sparse, hip-hop-influenced backdrop."

The Guardian UK:  "...Fuzzed-out synths and glorious pop harmonies."

Beat: "A tremendous pop song..."

Song of the Week, Faster Louder: "It’s part pop song gem, part electro burner. And it’s spot on."

Australian Independant Record Labels Association: 

"Tambourine by Teeth & Tongue was one of the best albums of 2011...Now they’ve released undeniably (in our eyes) one of the best songs of 2013. The jaw-droppingGood Man. We’ve never heard a song like it before. The star is the arrangement - A single organ, a smattering of feedback, some gated drums and Jess’ multi-layered, multi-textured vocals dominating out front. Breathtaking stuff."

Praise for Tambourine

**** The Age – Life and Style

“There are names often invoked for an artist in this line––Patti Smith, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey––and Cornelius manages to be a beguiling combination of all three.” 
– Rolling Stone Magazine

“A stunning album of modern blues for dark souls. Highly recommended…” –Cream Team (Chicago)

Album of the Week - Triple R

Feature Album – RTR FM
Feature Album – Edge Radio

Album of the Week -
 Radio Adelaide

“A grand feat of songwriting soul and one of the best Australian releases of this year.”
 –The Vine

“Hypnotically beautiful…there’s a seductive psychedelic tug to the Australian band’s new single that just makes you want to listen multiple times.” 
– MTV Iggy

“Unfamiliar Skirts moves between melodic and rhythmic sections with aplomb. It’s in the vein of Cat Power or the seductive side of PJ Harvey and insists on repeated listening. The album’s out this month and this might just be an unexpected favourite this year”
 Drum Media Perth

“Completely captivating” Three Thousand

“Instant classic … an arresting album that raises the bar”
 Yen Magazine

“Beautifully raw and affecting, Jess Cornelius’s voice makes
you sit up and take notice”
 mX Magazine

“There are few albums that will capture your attention and enchant the senses quite as much as Teeth & Tongue’s Tambourine
” Beat Magazine

Praise for Monobasic:

“…one of most damn listenable records released this year.” ­ Mess & Noise Magazine

“…Cornelius’s songs are strange, intriguing beasts; “Stacey Come Over is one of a few that sound like good post­punk such as Public Image or Magazine… It’s very good.”
- Chris Johnston, The Age (Melbourne) Magazine. 

“Jess Cornelius’ sassy solo debut (as Teeth & Tongue) is a soulful, lo­fi work of genuine intrigue.” 

Dan Rule, Music Australia Guide 

“Low­fi, raw and from the heart … this solo debut is a testament that some things do happen for the better.”


* * * * “A raw, idiosyncratic debut…” 
- Who Magazine

“…Dark, foreboding ballads with a galloping rhythm section and chiming guitar. Unsettling, but beautiful.” ­ 
Yen Magazine